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Roving Characters

Characters to delight young and old with their quirky antics

Kimera Productions creates boutique performances for events ranging from music festivals to corporate functions, private parties to avant-guarde art shows. Kimera exists concurrent to the work of Saara Roppola, a Brisbane-based visual artist, performer, Butoh dancer, and puppeteer. Kimera was established in 2014, when Saara was regularly performing for the edgy Amsterdam night-life and art scenes. Kimera Productions has a bold performance style, lighting up any occasion with fun and provocative performances and joyful audience interaction and connection. Kimera blends this boldness with her joyful love for nature and it's creatures, typically creating hybrid characters, she is a Kimera after all! 




Hi, I'm Saara, the artist behind Kimera Productions.

If you have any general inquiries, or would like to book Kimera Productions for your event, please send me a quick message, I'd love to chat!

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Friendly Creatures

Characters and acts for the very young, the very old and everyone in between! 

'Bird Bones'

Roving puppets delight young and old with their quirky antics... Just don't mind those skeletal pilots!

'Bird Bones' are a Roving Characters of the day or the night, with lights illuminating the birds.

photo: Somefx

'Psycho Rainbow'


Looks can be deceiving! This spikey lizard-mantis hybrid is the sweetest curious creature who loves all those childrens' hugs!

Also known to entice the unexpecting into a 'mantis dance'! 

Psycho Rainbow is a Roving Character of the Night, with programmed LEDs lighting up each spike.

photo: Somefx

'Heron of Love'


At 3 meters tall, this glowing bird is a visual spectacular from a far. Up close, the Heron of Love sings their heart out to you with your favourite (cheesy) love songs of all time.

Heron of Love is a roving stilt walker. Bright white during the day and illunimanted at night. Programable LEDS mean its colour scheme can be customised to your event, as can the songs!*

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Curious Critters

These exquisite critters are full of surprises, from the edgy and alluring to the elegantly ethereal to wild and quirky delights!

These acts can be adapted to event type and age range.

Photo: Erica Sundrop

'The Crystaloids'


Enigmatic and enticing, these humanoid-crystals, The Crystaloids, arouse a sense of ethereal wonder underscored by glamourous edginess. An act that could go in any direction, it depends on the dance!

The Crystaloids may perform as podium dancers, an installation or roving characters. Oh, and they actually twinkle!

Photo: @ctdimagery

'The Fauns'


Delightfully cheeky, The Fauns mix spunk and absurd four-legged play with an air of Nijinksi's classic ballet piece "Afternoon of a Faun."

The Fauns may perform as podium dancers, an installation or roving characters. As rovers, they are low to floor, like real cheeky goats!

'Skull Face Love'

Dead... and dead gorgeous! Flower sellers of a bygone age are resurrected by love, for the hope of love!  Offering flowers to see who that love may be, but is it enough to bring them back to life?

Skull Face Love is an interactive stage show and/or roving characters. 

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Sensual Beasts

From the evocatively sultry to some hilarious raunchy fun, the following characters are sure to make yours an event to remember!

Photo: Somefx



Decidedly salacious, the 'Dickalicious' hermaphrodites sprout generous phallic clusters, styled like pink glittering sea cucumbers! This act is punchy and sexy in its non-binary pleasure.​

'Dickalicious' be adapted for stage and site-specific choreography, podium dancers or an interactive roving experience. 

Photo:Michelle Fleur



There's more to Granny than meets the eye! Inspired by the double-sided nature of Baba Yaga, the crone becomes the maiden - although maybe she's just a little too excited! ​


Baba may perform a wild caberet or burlesque stage show or as a roving character. As rover, can be a PG rated dotty old granny, or an R rated wild woman. 

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More about Kimera Productions...

Performances by Kimera Productions are highly physical and kinetic, situated between dance, performance art, Butoh dance, and physical theatre. The performers are completely transformed by costumes and embodied movement. Kimera's acts are simultaneously hypnotic and artistically bold in their execution, consistently giving events an integral edge and experience to remember! 


Audiences differ and Kimera's performances cater for a broad range of events. From adults after provocative experiences to families delighted by unusual interactive creatures, to elegant and artistic occasions. 


Adapting performances to your event is Kimera's pleasure and acts or characters can appear as podium dances, performance-installations, interactive and roving acts or stage shows. 


Commissions for custom performances are welcome. So are commissions for costume design and making. Each costume or puppet is hand made by Saara Roppola, and is unique to Kimera Productions.


Want more? Kimera Productions is very well connected to performers and musicians and artists in the Brisbane region. I am happy to coordinate multiple artists for your event as a package. Please feel free to contact me and let's talk about how to make your event something truly special, from the shows to the decor!


Kimera Productions Biography


Starting out in Amsterdam, (as Kimera Visual Theatre), Kimera Productions has developed from performance commissions for Studio 80 Amsterdam, as a resident artist for Supperclub Amsterdam and 360˚ Istanbul, to name a few. Since coming back home to Australia in 2016, Kimera has already appeared in multitude settings throughout Queensland, including Woodford Folk Festival (QLD), Jungle Love Festival (Imbil, QLD), Concrete Jungle (The Triffid, Newstead), Earth Frequency Festival (Ivory’s Rock, QLD), The Met (Fortitude Valley), Wonky Queenslander Events, Laruche Bar (Fortitude Valley), Yonder with Brisbane Artist-Run-Initiatives, BARI Festival (Teneriffe Waterhouse), West End Festival, The Qube Effect (Fortitude Valley, South Bank), Andromeda Festival (Brisbane, QLD), Manifest (Elbow Valley, QLD), Open Source (TBC Club, Fortitude Valley). 


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